Spotlight on Eulalie Rivera Elementary School Library

From the $1,000.00 Anderson Family Teacher grant for Education at CFVI (Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands) through its president, Ms. Dee Baecher-Brown, Dr. Edna Recaña, the school librarian of Eulalie R. Rivera Elementary School, was able to purchase a beautiful living room set and a carpet to create a cozy reading space in the library. The students are now more encouraged to use the library and have fun in browsing and reading lots of new and colorful books especially during their intervention/enrichment (I/E) period in the library.
Shown in this photo are the first Grade star readers (L-R) Makai, Tasheem and Jamisha

In this photo are the second grade students (L-R) Jaliyah C., Levonte, Jahliya, Jahnaya and Omyra.

In this photo Keimoy is reading the story from the book of his choice and read it to some of his classmates Jahnigh and K'janie

Ashayla and Reann (first graders) are too engrossed in reading their favorite stories