Library of the Month, March 2010, St. Croix Central High School Central High School is the proud recipient of a 21st Century Learning Community Grant. This funding source has allowed the library staff to remain open after school to conduct book clubs, tutoring, and many other literary activities. Below are some of the February 2010 highlights of their program.


Students view the movie, A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest Gains. It is this years selection offered through the NEA who supplies books for all students and teaching materials to all librarians.
Students in the graphic novel book club. Six to ten students are involved in the Monday and Thursday activity, sponsored by our 21st Centuray learning center grant and a Luddington Literacy grant. Students read graphic novels and illustrate their own creations.
Assistant Principal, V. Gordon, shares highlights from Audacity of Hope during February's lunchtime reading presentations for Black History Month.
Assistant Principal, Y. Abraham, shares his reading tastes at lunchtime and provokes discussion on My Grandfather's Son, by Clarence Thomas.
After school graphic novel book club participant, Tori, writes her impressions after group reading of the graphic novel, Captain Sharkey.
3D Art collages that make political and social commentary are displayed in the LMC and created by Mrs. Walker's art students.