Next SCLA Meeting is November 5 at 5:00 at the Arawak Bay in Salt River. We will meet poolside weather permitting, or in the dining room. Thank you Jennifer!!

Here are the By-laws.

POSTED 10/18/2010: The October SCLA meeting originally scheduled for Oct. 8th took place Wed., Oct 13 at Arawak Bay, the Inn at Salt River. Not surprisingly, it was the officers, Ms Allick, Ms Rogers, and our gracious host, Ms. Jackson.

The major business dealt with the Association of Caribbean Univeristy, Research and Institute Librarians, Executive Council meeting November 11 -14. SCLA agreed to provide snacks (twice) and an informal BBQ. A motion was passed to fund this activity. In addition, our guest will be provided with a tour of the UVI library and a tour of the St. George Botanical Garden. A formal reception to be held (hopefully) at the Caribbean Museum Center of the Arts. Funding for the room rental for this reception is needed.

An initial discussion was held as to whether SCLA will participate in the 2011 Agricultural Fair. It has fallen unfairly on the shoulders of a few. More participation by our members and friends is sorely needed.

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED. If interested in helping out contact an officer or past president of SCLA.

Respectfully posted, Wm. Pollard, President, SCLA 2010-2011.

Stay tuned for future updates.